VoiceBootcamp Video Training Support

How To Play VoiceBootcamp Self Study Kits Video

Software You need to open this PDF & Video file – www.xvast.com 

Support – Please submit a ticket at https://support.voicebootcamp.com 

You must create a web account at https://support.voicebootcamp.com/ to submit ticket and rack schedules if included


• Download each file individually (not combine)
• Download XVAST Player from www.xvast.com
• Download WinRar zip program or use 7zip
• Extract the Video files in their respective folder
• Install (Run as Admin) Xvast Player
• Open XVAST Player (Run As Admin) 
• Drag the video to xvast 
• Username/Password will pop up. Enter the user info above and it should start player
• Support – Please submit a ticket at https://support.voicebootcamp.com/

Please allow 24 hours to 72 hours for a response

Video Demo